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Upholstery Cleaning: Getting More Life Out of Furniture

Upholstery Cleaning: Getting More Life Out of Furniture


The upholstered furniture in your life is going to need to cleaning at some point. Even for those who do not allow any food or drink to get anywhere near this furniture will find that the upholstery will get dirty. This dirt is being tracked in on the clothes that are worn and even in the air. Thus, thinking that you can get by without having your upholstered furniture cleaned is not a good idea.


Having your furniture cleaned is a great way to rid yourself of germs, bacteria and allergens that can be hiding in your furniture. In addition, the cleaner the furniture the is, the better it is going to look. Even furniture that may be more than ten years old, can look brand new after the cleaning process. For those who have their furniture cleaned on a regular basis, they can extend the life of their furniture since they will not have the excuse of dirt to replace their furniture.


The Process of Cleaning Upholstered Furniture


It is important to note that the right tools must be utilized when cleaning this furniture. Otherwise, the person will run the risk of having water spots, mold growth and the like. NYC Steamer has all the tools to ensure the job is done right and within a short amount of time. Luckily, the person only needs to make a call and the company comes to you, which is less hassle for you.


The tools used are going to put a cleaning solution onto the furniture being cleaned and then suck this out. This suction ensures that the dirt, water, cleaning solution and everything else is removed, leaving behind clean and fresh upholstery. The amount of time this process takes will vary depending on the size of the furniture and just how dirty the upholstery is.


For those who have been questioning whether now is the time to buy new furniture because it has started to show its age, consider having the upholstery cleaned. Chances are, the furniture piece will become just as beautiful as it was the day it was purchased. This is a much more affordable option than simply replacing the furniture every few years.


NYC Steamer proudly serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Nassau County.

Mattress Cleaning for a Healthier Life

Mattress Cleaning for a Healthier Life


Most people replace their mattress every couple of years. Even those who give outrageous amounts for their mattresses will find that within a few years they are having problems. These problems can be related to the feel of the mattress, but more and more people are reporting increased allergies and illnesses. Those who are suffering from an increase in allergies or illnesses may not realize that their mattresses are to blame.


Dirty Mattresses Equals More Health Problems


There are several ways in which mattresses become dirty and can pose a health risk to those who sleep on these. For example, dust mites and allergens are something that are consistently seen in older mattresses. In addition, anything that is spilled, if someone is sick in the mattress or anything of this sort will lead to bacteria staying in the mattress. Though there are sheets on the bed that catch the majority of the bacteria, dust mites and allergens, the mattress itself is a breeding ground for these problems.


How to Deal with a Dirty Mattress


With the number of health issues that could arise with a dirty mattress, most people immediately want to purchase a new mattress. With this type of thinking, the person could replace their mattress every three years and never really get the full wear out of the mattress. This is wasting money that could be spent in other areas of their life. So what should a person do? The best answer is to have the mattress cleaned.


Cleaning a mattress will remove all the toxins that are present in a mattress, allowing a person to get a few more years from their mattress until it may need to be cleaned again. This process is something that NYC Steamer has a wealth of knowledge in and a person will find their mattress smells, looks and feels cleaner. It can give way to a more restful nights sleep. As well as, ensuring the person is not catching illnesses from their mattress.


The cleaning process involves the use of chemicals to remove bacteria as well as steam that is meant to purify the material. In the end, the person will find this is money well spent as it will award them more years from their mattress and less trips to the doctor. So Contact NYC Steamer for a Mattress Cleaning today.


NYC Steamer proudly serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Nassau County.

A Cleaner Home with Steam Cleaning

A Cleaner Home with Steam Cleaning

Cleaning a home involves a lot of work and even when the work is finished, there are several things throughout the home that are not as clean as a person would wish them to be. For example, furniture that is cloth, mattresses, drapes and the like are all items in the home that still need to be cleaned from time to time. These items are not going to fair well with traditional cleaning methods, which is why steam cleaning should be a consideration for those who want their home to shine with cleanliness.

The Benefits of Steam Cleaning

There are several benefits to steam cleaning, which is why the majority of people consider this the most effective way to clean certain items. These benefits include:

– Non-evasive meaning there is no chance of having spots or damage to the fabric in question

– Removes bacteria, dust mites and other allergens that regular cleaning, such as vacuuming cannot get rid of

– Effective in terms of the time it takes to have completed and the level of clean the person will receive

Professional Steam Cleaning

Though there are several products on the market that are meant to allow a person to perform steam cleaning on their own, these types of products are not going to compare to the professional grade steam cleaning. NYC Steamer provides the professional experience and knowledge to ensure the process is completed with no problems and in a timely manner. These professionals are trained in how to steam clean just about anything within the home that may need attention.

For those who find that even after cleaning, their home still does not have the fresh scent or appeal they are looking for, then steam cleaning is the best option to consider. This will allow the person to get a cleaner and healthier home. In fact, those who have their mattresses, drapes, and furniture steam cleaned often report the breathing difficulties they may have experienced before are gone. This is due to the allergens and bacteria being removed from the home with a safe, non toxic form of cleaning. So contact NYC Steamer today to learn more about Steam Cleaning in  your home.


NYC Steamer proudly serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Nassau County.

How To Deal With Water Damage

Dealing with Water Damage on Floors

Water damage is a disaster for those who find their homes are destroyed by this. Even the smallest amount of water in a home can lead to several problems. However, one of the biggest messes in which a person has to contend with is the damage to their floors when water damage occurs. So the question is how to deal with water damage? NYC Steamer is here to help.

How Water Does Damage

Water damage can happen in many ways. A water pipe may burst and cause the floor to flood or a significant amount of rain can lead to the house becoming flooded. Whether this is a disaster caused by nature or by rotten luck, the water will do damage. Over time when the floor is exposed to so much water, the floor will start to have numerous problems. For example, carpet can begin to mold and mildew, becoming a huge problem for those who suffer from allergies. In addition, the color of the carpet can be changed drastically, and the overall feel of the carpet will change. For those with laminate, hardwood or other types of harder floor surfaces, the water damage in these areas can cause the floor to bend and expand, meaning the floor will no longer be as perfect as it once was.

Dealing with Water Damage

There are several people who believe once they suffer water damage to their floors that they have to start over again with new flooring and the like. However, the old flooring  can be saved through utilizing techniques that are meant to remove the water, dry the floor and end with the floor looking as good as it did when it was first put into the home. The process is fairly simple, yet it has results that most people are astonished to see. We will arrive at the sight as soon as possible with all the possible gear for any scenario. Including scenarios in which power may not be running, yet the floor must get dry if the residents are to keep the floor they have.

Water damage is not something in which a person has to deal with on their own. Through utilizing the professionals, a person can get their floors looking brand new, without any hint that water damage ever occurred. This is the economical decision to make when faced with having to replace the floors throughout the home. In addition, it allows the person to feel some sort of control over the entire situation, which is important for those who are dealing with a water disaster. So if you are having water damage, contact NYC Steamer and have the professionals help before you have too much damage.


NYC Steamer proudly serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and Nassau County.

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