Mattress Steam Cleaning in New York

Our long years of experience in the cleaning industry on the New York scene have allowed us to develop a top-tier mattress cleaning and disinfecting protocol that can guarantee the satisfaction of all the clients who reach out to us. If you are looking for reliable and affordable eco-friendly mattress cleaners in the NY area for your residential or commercial needs, give us a call. We will provide you with a quick and comprehensive price estimate and set up a cleaning job for you straight away!

Expert Mattress Cleaning Services We Offer

The NYC Steamer team specializes in the entire array of mattress cleaning services, including:

  • residential and commercial mattress cleaning
  • eco-friendly stain and spot removal solutions
  • steam mattress cleaning
  • scotchguard solutions for mattresses

No matter if you need emergency help to remove a recent food or drink spill from an expensive mattress at home or you are looking for maintenance cleaning for dozens of mattresses in your hotel or guesthouse, we are here to assist you. We work with the safest organic cleaners that do not contain any toxins and harmful substances that could affect the health of your guests or the well-being of the environment. Our advanced steam mattress cleaning solutions are allergen-free and EPA-approved, which means they will not trigger any allergies in the household members, employees, or guests.

Mattress Cleaning

Residential and Commercial Mattress Cleaning NY

We all spend a great fraction of our lives sitting and sleeping on mattresses, which automatically means that we lay in a bed of dust, pet dander, dead skin cells, and other organic materials that are impossible to spot with the naked eye. These microscopic organisms tend to build up in time and lead to a series of important health issues, many of which are related to breathing difficulties and allergies.

At NYC Steamer, our job is to cater to the needs of both home and business owners who

are looking for safe, reliable, and efficient mattress cleaning solutions. We know that no matter how often you might vacuum or air out your mattresses, you are still prone to have a difficult time eliminating all the bacteria, dust, and organic build-up in the tiny fibers and crevices of your mattresses.

Our technicians use the most efficient, eco-friendly natural mattress cleansers as well as germ-killing steam cleaning procedures and other green mattress cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial clients. We are trained to eliminate pollen, dust, different types of allergens and a series of contaminants from any type of mattress. We offer our services to people in the New York area and we also cater to the needs of people in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, or Nassau county. We can provide you with fast and convenient environmentally-friendly cleaning options for NYC homes and business spaces, while promoting the health of all occupants in a 100% natural manner.

EPA-Approved Green Mattress Cleaners in New York

While chemical-based mattress cleaning services are used by a large number of cleaning services, they cannot always deliver the promised results. Plus, they have the potential of triggering a series of health issues in home and building inhabitants, with special emphasis on small children and pets because of the harsh chemicals and harmful substances they contain.

Standard mattress cleansers usually only treat the surface of mattresses, which means that deeply-embedded organic build-up will remain stranded into the fibers, along with the pollen and allergens that could affect the quality of your sleep at night.

Our trained team of IICRC-certified cleaning technicians specializes in using EPA-approved mattress cleansers and cleaning methods that are allergen-free and 100% safe for use around people, children, pets, and plants. If you are searching for the best mattress cleaners NYC who work with natural and safe procedures and cleansers, give us a call today.

Our Mattress Steam Cleaning Process

We have developed a unique mattress cleaning procedure that consists of several steps that are directed towards achieving the best results:

  • our technicians will initiate the process by spraying the mattress using eco-friendly cleansers;
  • next, the cleaning agent needs to be rubbed into the mattress in order to loosen all traces of buildup, including dust, debris, and dirt from the upholstery;
  • the next step of the process is to remove any surface staining and spotting using special spot removal products and bring back the lost beauty and design of the mattress
  • with the help of eco-friendly steam cleaning devices, we will get rid of deeply-embedded dust and bacteria
  • the final step of the process is the rinsing of the mattress with the help of a solution that contains special enzymes with balanced PH. This will further eliminate any remaining dust mites, bacteria, and allergens and completely sanitize and refresh it;
  • we apply protective scotchguard shields that will keep the organic buildup away from the mattress for up to six months and sometimes more.

NYC Steamer guarantees your satisfaction for every mattress cleaning job. If, for whatever reasonĀ  you are not fully happy with our work, we will repeat the entire procedure for you for free.

Affordable NYC Steamer Mattress Cleaning Services In New York

We can remove old stains and spills from your mattresses, clean, disinfect, eradicate all traces of mites and allergens, and keep them away for your sensitive mattress at affordable rates and fast speeds. Get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with a transparent and comprehensive price estimate. We charge the most convenient mattress steam cleaning and stain removal services in the NY area that will help you prolonging the lifespan of your mattresses and save you money on buying new ones.

Call today and let us protect you, your loved ones, or your guests from headaches, allergies, skin eczema issues, or asthmatic reactions caused by dirty mattresses that need to be professionally disinfected.