Tile and Grout Cleaning Services NY

Over time, tile and grout surfaces begin to gradually lose their original shine, luster, and beauty and get covered in stains, dirt, and debris. This happens on both a superficial level, as well as a deeper level, when embedded into the porous surface of grout.  

Our expert tile and grout cleaning services can help you restore your dirty and dull-looking tile and grout at home or at your commercial space at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Give us a call at 347-673-7760 and schedule a cleaning job with us – we guarantee your satisfaction!

Types of tile we work with:

  • ceramic tile
  • porcelain tile
  • natural granite
  • travertine
  • marble
  • slate

If you need help with any other type of tile and grout surfaces, feel free to give our friendly customer support team a call and allow us to answer all your questions and concerns.

Deep Tile and Grout Cleaning Services In New York

Colored and non-colored tile and grout can be particularly difficult to clean when dealing with old contaminant build-ups over long periods of time. Dirt, debris, and spillage that have not been properly tackled using the right cleansing agents can lead to dull-looking tile and darker grout that will look heavily discolored. Regular cleaning products cannot thoroughly break into this type of built-up and deeply embedded dirt in the pores of the grout, especially when speaking about areas that are difficult to access.

The IICRC-certified NYC Steamer tile and grout cleaners use advanced cleaning methods and equipment for tile and grout located around shower, countertop, and floor areas. We can rapidly eliminate all traces of dirt, debris, and harmful bacteria, including mold specific to bathroom floors or kitchen countertops with the help of steam cleaning and powerful cleaners. We only work with 100% safe, eco-friendly cleaning products, advanced vacuum cleaners, and high-pressure rinses for a job well done.

No matter if you need assistance with your tile and grout cleaning needs at home, at the office, or at the commercial building you are responsible for running, feel free to give us a call. Our long years of experience in the industry have allowed us to accumulate the necessary know-how needed to design and implement custom cleaning plans for all types of tile and grout cleaning needs. No matter how big or small of a cleaning job you might need from us, we guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our line of work and come back for periodical maintenance.

Keep in mind that not all deep cleaning procedures are safe to use on all types of tile and grout. This means that hiring a professional service to accurately assess the porous surfaces and the quality of the tile is essential for ensuring quality, risk-free workmanship.

Protective Sealer Application for Tile and Grout

Once the deep cleaning procedure will be finished, our expert tile and grout cleaners NY will complete the application of a protective sealer that will keep dirt, dust, stains from future spillage, and mildew away from the surfaces for a longer time. We also specialize in protective seal application solutions for colored grout for kitchen and bathroom areas.

Your regular tile mopping and grout scrubbing methods will, this way, work more effectively and in the long term and keep unsightly stains and  away from your floors and countertops.

Eco-friendly Tile and Grout Cleaners

With the help of environmentally-friendly steam cleaning solutions and advanced vapor technologies, we can freshen up your tile and grout and give it a brand new appearance. Plus, we rely on low-pressure steaming solutions that use heat to remove the agents that are responsible for discoloring the grout. If you have small children or pets inside your household, you can rest assured that their health and well-being will not be in any way affected by our cleaning methods.

Rely on our green cleaning technology to disinfect the surfaces of the grout, kill the harmful bacteria and contaminants and never leave sticky residue on the floors.

Affordable Tile and Grout Cleaning Prices

Allow us to restore the lost beauty and shine in your precious tile and grout at home or at your commercial space and help you enjoy their beautiful aesthetics and complete functionality once again. We have the necessary experience, equipment, and know-how needed to carefully assess your exact needs and implement the most suitable cleaning solutions.

The NYC Steamer team offers free price estimates that are transparent, comprehensive, and which incur zero obligations. Give us a call, get your price quote, and find out more about our affordable tile and grout cleaning prices that turn us into one of the best cleaning services in the New York area.

Hire the best tile and grout cleaners NY and save precious money on having your dull and stained tile and grout professionally!