Wood Floor Restoration and Refinishing Services

Hardwood floors are an excellent addition to any home, given their nice aesthetics that can complement any room. They can also get pricey, which means it is essential to protect and maintain them using the best practices. Natural wear-out caused by foot traffic and the buildup of abrasive debris that gets stepped usually leads to surface scratches that will eventually damage the structure and beautiful appearance of your floors.

The NYC Steamer team specializes in wood floor restoration and wood floor refinishing services that can effectively restore your worn-out wooden floors. Give us a call and allow us to revitalize your damaged hardwood floors at a fraction of the cost of replacement!

Wood Floor Restoration Services NY

Our expert hardwood floor repairmen and restoration technicians specialize in the entire array of floor services that can restore the value and design of home and commercial floors. We cover the following services:

  • floor panel repair and replacement
  • wood floor panel refinishing
  • precision structural repair services
  • original hard wood floor color restoration solutions
  • factory finish application
  • cracked and gouged panel repairs and replacements

Our IICRC-certified technicians have undergone complex training that allows them to successfully restore the integrity and standard quality of all types of wooden floors, while helping them retrieve their lost condition. With the help of many years of hands-on experience restoring hard wood floors for thousands of clients in the New York area, our technicians have developed the best restoration policies that can eliminate all dents, warps, scratches, or signs of uneven or loose floor panels.

The NYC Steamer craftsmen specialize in the following types of floors:

  • oak
  • maple
  • cherry
  • mahogany
  • ash
  • bamboo
  • walnut
  • hardwood staircases

We can handle anything from small floor panel repairs to complex restoration and refinishing jobs and we take great pride in the high-quality work services we can provide at competitive prices for the NY market.

Superficial Wood Floor Restoration Solutions

If you are dealing with lightly scratched and dull-looking hardwood floors, you could contract our wood floor refinish services and let us restore the lost shine and brightness in our floors. When dealing with superficial floor panel damage, our technicians will usually fix the problem by screening the floors and applying a fresh finishing coat to restore the initial colors and shine.

Severely Affected Floor Refinishing Services NY

If your floors have been severely affected by the wear-and-tear factor due to heavy foot traffic, our technicians will most likely recommend full sanding procedures. It is also possible to effectively restain the floors to either their original colors or any other color you might favor, if you are looking for a change.

When heavy machinery is used for sanding floors for restoring and refinishing damaged floors, there is an associated risk of further damage because of improper use. The problem of large amounts of accumulated dust resulting from the sanding procedure is also part of reality. This is why it is essential to only work with professional and highly experienced wood floor restoration services like the NYC Steamer service and prevent irreversible gouging in your floors. Enjoy a stress-free wood floor restoration service by getting in touch with us and allowing  us to show you why we are the number one hard wood floor repair service in the NY area. Our friendly crew will discuss all of the restoration and refinishing alternatives in great detail with you and provide you with the safest and most suitable recommendations.

Wood Floor Restoration Services

We specialize in precision repair solutions that can eliminate all traces of scratches, staining, watermarks, dents and other similar types of surfaces problems that require precision repair work. We also handle panel repairs and floor panel replacement services for broken, cracked, and gouged panels that are no longer safe to use from a structural functioning point of view. Our technicians also possess the necessary equipment and know-how needed to restore original floor panel colors and significantly reduce the wear-out effects with the help of brand new factory finishes.

Affordable Hard Wood Floor Refinishing Prices

We offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services for residential homes and commercial spaces in the New York area that will save you thousands of dollars on buying new floors or replacing a large number of broken or severely damaged floor panels. Also, if you wish to hit the refresh button on your old and dull-looking floors and change the aesthetics of your flooring to match your new furniture and decorations as part of a home remodelling project, we can help you achieve just that.

We offer price floor restoration and floor refinishing quotes by phone or online and we charge some of the most affordable hardwood floor restoration service prices in the industry. Allow us to help you add more value to your floors while keeping your expenses and efforts to a minimum.

Give us a call at 347-673-7760 and allow us to schedule a wood floor refinishing and restoration job for you so you take back the lost charm and beauty in your floors.