Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

NYC Steamer is proud to offer the best area rug cleaning services to people in the NY area with the help of our advanced proprietary Oriental rug cleaning gear and experienced IICRC-certified technicians.

We specialize in hand washing techniques for your most delicate fibers and fabrics, as well as heavily-soiled rugs covered in pet waste and nasty odors. Our main goal is to restore your precious area rugs to their original form, so you can enjoy their fresh scent and bright color, and beautiful patterns once again, minus the cost of buying new rugs.

Area rug cleaning services and treatments we work with:

  • advanced spot and pet stain removal
  • odor-removal treatments
  • powerful antibacterial disinfectants
  • stain protectors
  • moth removal solutions
  • cotton, silk, and wool rug treatments

Our technicians do not use any potentially damaging substances, cleaning equipment or procedures that could possibly jeopardize the integrity of your unique Oriental rugs or expensive area rugs made of fine silk, wool, cotton, and other precious fabrics.

Why Hire Our Area Rug Cleaning Services NY

For starters, our technicians are trained never to rush the cleaning procedure and decide which method, tools, and cleaners to use upon careful assessment of the rugs and professional consideration based on previous work and experiences. Most of the area rug cleaning we do is completed entirely by hand in an attempt to completely avoid any unwanted consequences of using harsh cleaners and the wrong cleaning procedures that could easily lead to irreversible damage such as:

  • area rug dyes bleeding during the washing
  • shrinkage or stretching
  • cross-contamination
  • unraveling or ripping problems
  • incorrect drying procedures leading to the growth of mold

Our Oriental rug cleaning near me experts use the following rules of thumb:

  • they avoid using rug washtubs to prevent color dye bleeding
  • they prevent cross-contamination by never washing your area rigs together with other rugs or carpets
  • they avoid using rotary scrubbers that could cause damage to the fibers
  • they avoid using high-pressure washing techniques or automatic washers that could lead to further damage

We recommend you to have your oriental area rugs cleaned by a professional service at least once every two or three years to maintain them in good condition while prolonging their lifespan. Whether you have inherited an expensive wool Kilim, or you have bought a few original Persian, Turkish, or Chinese Art Deco rugs for your home or commercial space, we can help you enjoy them for a longer time and keep the costs of repairs and restoration to a minimum. We can thoroughly clean and disinfect your area rugs at a fraction of the cost of buying a new rug.

Thanks to our advanced hand washing procedures, we can reach deep into the fibers and accurately eradicate all traces of allergens, microscopic bacteria, debris, residues, toxins, as well as old stains and spills. In return, you will enjoy cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable rugs for enhanced convenience.

Professional Area Rug Cleaners New York: The Cleaning Process

No matter if you are looking for wool rug cleaners Brooklyn, oriental rug cleaning Manhattan, or Long Island rug cleaners, our technicians will provide you with the same expert cleaning procedure that they have gradually developed and improved over the years. The cleaning process consists of the following steps:

We inspect and test the area rug for dye bleeding

All area rugs that we are asked to clean are carefully measured and their dyes are closely assessed for any signs of bleeding. Our technicians also search for any old damages in order to provide you with a transparent and comprehensive estimate for the final area rug cleaning cost that will also include any necessary repairs and restorations.

We dust the rugs on both sides

As one of the most important steps of the cleaning process, dusting is completed front and back to eliminate all traces of sand, dirt, debris, and grit. All these factors are known to significantly cut the life of any area rug by triggering premature wear-out. Our experts will proceed to dust all the harmful particles out of the fibers prior to initiating the washing step.

We soak, hand-wash, and rinse the rug

We properly soak the rug front and back using cold water and eco-friendly area rug shampoo that does not contain any harsh chemicals. Next, the rug is washed by hand and scrubbed in the direction of the rug pile. Once the cleaning is done, we will proceed to rinse the rug and get rid of any remaining traces of shampoo and reside dirt.

We extract the water and dry the area rug

With the help of extraction vacuum cleaners we will remove all the water from the rug to the point there is no dripping, then let it dry in a temperature-controlled environment with the help of filtered air drying.

We clean and repair broken fringes

We also manually brush the fringes after the surface washing is completed. Our technicians never use any bleaching agents that could easily damage the fibers. We can repair and reweave fringes that have been damaged by pets, improper vacuuming, or natural worn-out caused by heavy foot traffic.

We wrap your area rug and get it ready for delivery or pickup

Finally, our Oriental rug cleaners will properly wrap the rug to protect it from contaminants and either deliver it to your address, as schedules, let you know that the rug is ready for pickup.

Give us a call and schedule an Oriental area rug cleaning job with us. We guarantee you will benefit from unparalleled service, a friendly staff, and the most affordable area rug cleaning prices in the NY area!